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82 Sproul Hill Rd
Bristol, ME 04539
  • dedicated to preserving, improving and promoting the Coopworth breed
  • recognizing all purebred Coopworth sheep
  • supporting and educating its membership

The American Coopworth Registry has been established to address the needs of all owners and breeders of Coopworth sheep, to preserve and improve the breed and to educate its membership. This new organization is also working to promote the breed and make these sheep known for all their notable qualities.

With the understanding that the Coopworth breed was developed on the foundation of performance recording and selection of registered breeding stock within fixed percentages, the ACR supports and continues the tradition of registering sheep by these standards. "Performance Designation" is noted on the registrations of these sheep which must also meet eligibility requirements and the breed standard.

photo: white Coopworth ewe

The ACR also provides purebred registration for all eligible white and natural colored Coopworth sheep that meet the breed standard. This is a new concept where Coopworth sheep are concerned but one that the ACR feels will best serve the breed as well as the owners. It makes Coopworth sheep accessible to 4H and FFA programs and will increase value in the marketplace.

Making these two registration options available allows the breeder to choose which is best suited to his/her management plan. Putting management decisions in the capable hands of the breeder is strongly supported by the ACR.

The ACR is dedicated to providing support and education to its membership. Participation and communication are welcomed and encouraged. Member participation is the key to building a strong breed organization that will work to promote the breed and network for members. An on-line Member Directory and products list is kept up-to-date and is linked directly to member e-mail and website addresses. A newsletter is sent to members quarterly and members may advertise their sheep and related products for sale at the website Marketplace.


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