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Upgrade Program

Upgrading is not a new concept. It has been used for years in many species. We are probably most familiar with its recent use in establishing flocks of foreign sheep breeds in this country, as with the Wensleydale and Gotland breeds.

Through upgrading, we can increase the population of the breed quite rapidly while introducing genetic diversity and vigor. We must, however, take into account the character and purpose of the Coopworth when we upgrade. The most benefit will be achieved if the newly introduced genes are similar to those in the current gene pool. By maintaining a reasonable degree of predictability within the breed, we preserve its integrity. ACR has approved the use of 6 breeds which are listed below. No crossbred sheep or other breeds will be allowed.

All animals in this Program must meet the standard for their particular breed and exhibit qualities consistent with those of Coopworth sheep, i.e. easy births, attentive mothering, virility in rams, fleece production, etc.


  • Foundation Animal - A ewe or ram that you begin upgrading with. It must be registered and be from one of the approved breeds listed below:

    Romney (Y) — Border Leicester (B)
    Cotswold (C) — English Leicester (E)
    Bluefaced Leicester (S) — Lincoln (L)

    The ACR# assigned to a Foundation animal will be preceded by the letter "F" and its breed letter.
       [Example of a natural colored Romney Foundation: ACR# FY3502N]

  • Recorded Percentage Animal - A ewe or ram that has some traceable percentage Coopworth blood and has been entered into the ACR database. The ACR# assigned to these sheep will be preceded by the letter "R".
       [Example of a natural colored Recorded
    animal: ACR# R4782N]

    Percentage Coopworth blood will be calculated by the Registrar and indicated on the Certificate of Recording

  • Fully Upgraded Animal - A ewe or ram that has reached the required Coopworth percentage blood to be considered for ACR registration. Percentage Coopworth blood will be calculated by the Registrar and indicated on the Certificate of Registry.

  • Imported Semen - Coopworth rams whose semen is imported for use in the ACR Upgrade Program will be registered at no charge. They will be identified by the suffix "AI" after their private ID.



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