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Your Sheep


Only Coopworth sheep of pure breeding - both white and natural colored - are eligible for registration in ACR. Only members in good standing may register sheep in ACR.

The following criteria must also be met:

  • The animal's sire and dam must be recorded in the ACR database.

  • The dam of the animal must be owned by the member who is making the application for registration.

  • The animal must be owned by the member who is making the application for registration. IMPORTANT NOTE: The owner is the breeder of the dam at the time of service.*

  • The animal must be identified by an ear tag/tattoo indicating the breeder's private identification of the animal. The animal will be known by this private identification in the ACR database and on its registration paper. Names may not be used for the purpose of identification.

  • The animal must be registered before it is 24 months of age.

*If you purchase bred ewes or lease/borrow a ram to service your ewes, you must attach a completed Breeder Declaration signed by the breeder/owner of the ram to your Application for Registration.


Please familiarize yourself with the Breed Standard and use it to guide you in your selection of the breeding stock you choose to register. It is important for the preservation and improvement of the breed to select for correct conformation and qualities that are typically Coopworth.

Please note that animals exhibiting traits that are undesirable should be culled in order to achieve the best examples of the breed within your own flock and the breed in general. These include the following:

  • Any exposed ewe, other than a yearling, that does not lamb, unless known extreme conditions relating to the ram or environment prevented her from conceiving.

  • Any ewe that consistently fails to lamb in the first thirty-eight (38) days.

  • Any ewe that consistently produces single lambs.

  • Any ewe that does not lamb naturally, develops udder problems or prolapses.

  • Any ewe or ram that develops poor wool or is no longer sound.

  • Any ram or ewe that consistently produces lambs with undesirable genetic traits such as entropion, a mouth that is not correct, etc.

  • Any ram that does not adequately service ewes due to loss of libido or soundness.

The ACR encourages selection based on measured performance and offers help to anyone who is interested in pursuing this type of record keeping. Please contact the ACR Secretary.

When you have selected the sheep you would like to register, go to your Member Account at ACR ONLINE to do the transactions. If you can't do your registrations and transfers online, you may use a paper Application for Registration. Follow the instructions for completing the form, and mail it to the Registrar with your fees.


If you feel there is a legitimate reason for an exception to the rules, you may contact the Board of Directors, in writing, stating the reason for your request. The Board has the authority to deviate from any of the rules if the case merits special consideration.